Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sometimes All the Stars Align

I spent the day working with one of the most professional and efficient people I could ever hope to collaborate with.  While I have been reading great things, it never occurred to me that working with her would be even better.  Within twenty-four hours of me telling her about my vision for the Warriors of the Cross book cover, she had it completed and to me.  She answered every question within minutes and was responsive to my every request.

As such, I want to make sure she gets credit for her hard work and dedication.  Go to her website, and see all of her pieces.  Be prepared to be there for a while because her portfolio is vast…and amazing. 

From there, you can visit because that is where Phatpuppy Creations found the model.  The number of people involved in and the amount of work surrounding the designs featured by Phatpuppy Creations is mind-boggling. 

Somehow all the stars aligned when it came to the Warriors of the Cross book cover, and for that, I am grateful.  I hope the next two go as smoothly and turn out as fantastic.  With Phatpuppy Creations on board, I’m confident that will be the case.