Thursday, February 24, 2011

Unexpected Inspirations

While it seems my whole life has been come down to writing, publishing, and advertising The Warrior Series, I can't forget to acknowledge those who encourage and inspire me daily.  I have some of the best friends (and family) a person could ever have.  They stand by me through thick and thin.  They listen and give me solid advice.  They support me unconditionally.  And they stand up for me with a passion that only comes when the love is pure, honest, and true.  Because of them, I know no matter what happens - if I sell one book or one million - I will still be a very, very lucky person.  In fact, there are those who have more success, money, and material things than I will ever have.  Those same people will never be a fortunate as me because they don't have my family and friends.

For each of you - and you know who you are - I love you.