Saturday, February 26, 2011

There Is So Much To Do AND So Little Time....

The last few steps before publishing the book are as time-consuming as anything I've done to date.  I've gone through yet another editing round on the book (and will surely find unseen errors later).  I've submitted the e-book to both Amazon and Barnes and Noble for their final nod of approval before releasing for purchase.  I have a paper proof on route with delivery expected Monday.  I've created a book trailer (though I have absolutely no experience in performing that particular task).  The final action on my part will be to embed Amazon and Barnes and Noble links in websites.  This will help to make sure those who chose to read Warriors of the Cross will never be more than one click away from purchasing it. 

Going back to the book trailer.  There is so much involved in these 2-3 minute commercials, it is unbelievable.  Fortunate for me, I found a website that did all the hard work for me.  I also found they promote Indie Recording Artists, who are every bit as great as anyone I've ever heard on the radio, downloaded on ITunes, or watched on television.  In fact, I really enjoyed hearing something different than the songs which are repeated nonstop on the radio, as if there were only a dozen recording artists alive in the world.  I especially enjoyed the song I embedded into the trailer - Beautiful Design by Trading Voices. 

Trading Voices - Beautiful Design

I’ve included a link below and hope you all enjoy it.  Please let me know your thoughts before I formally post it on Tuesday.