Friday, March 4, 2011

Smashwords Ebook Promotion - March 6-12, 2011

I want to make sure all of my ebook friends knows that Smashwords will be having a promotion March 6-12 whereby thousands of authors will be offering their ebooks free or at a greatly reduced prices.  I would encourage everyone with an ebook to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.  If you are like me, I plan to mark my calendar and introduce myself to authors I may never have gotten to know without this chance.  Below, I've included the link as well as the code that will (may) be needed to download Warriors of the Cross for free.

Warriors of the Cross - Smashwords (Promotion Code RE100)

Great news!  Barnes and Noble has finally fixed the bug preventing Warriors of the Cross from downloading.  I officially have it downloaded onto my Nook and my Nook App on my IPAD.  Thank you, B&N.

Better news!  I have the book cover for Guardians of the Cross, Book Two of The Warriors Series.  I found the picture on one of my new favorite sites, Phatpuppy Creation.  Again, Claudia was professional and responded immediately to my every question.  She deserves every great thing that happens to her.  Thank you, Claudia (and Exhayle Sweet).

Links for the artists and Model responsible for Book Two:

Phatpuppy Creations