Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Top 10% of Amazon's Nielsen BookScan Ratings

AMAZING - Amazon has a new Author Central site.  According to the Nielson Booksan Rating provided by Amazon, Warriors of the Cross was within the top 10% based on sales as of yesterday.  While this news is better than anything I could have ever imagined for the first book of the series, I have much more work before Warriors of the Cross will be considered a true success.  It will take lots more sales, tons more great reviews, and a huge grass roots effort to escalate this book to the top of best seller lists. 

A big part of this success is related to the fact that Warriors of the Cross is available for purchase on more sites every single day.  Remember, it's free this week on Smashwords (coupon code RE100).  So far, there have been 50+ downloads on that site alone.  If you have an IPAD, Smashwords allows you to download an EPUB file which can be opened with the iBook App.  Personally, I like that one the best because it feels the most like a real book and includes searchable chapters. 

Barnes and Noble now has the paperback copy of my book.  It will actually cost you less to buy the book from B&N ($10.08) than from Amazon ($14) even though Amazon sponsors the site where I officially created the book.