Friday, March 11, 2011

Smashwords Best Sellers List (25,000+ words)

My participation in Smashword's Read an Ebook Week Promotion (which ends tomorrow) has been extremely successful.  As of right now, Warriors of the Cross is #17 on their Best Sellers List for books greater than 25,000 words.  YEAH!!

While happy for every purchase made, I'm humbled anyone would consider taking time out of their busy lives to read the first book of The Warrior Series.  I know, understand, and appreciate the commitment these people have made, and I hope no one is left disappointed.  Truly, I would love it if everyone reading Warriors of the Cross could take a few minutes to let me know their productive and professional thoughts and opinions.  Positive feedback and/or constructive criticism can never be considered a bad thing. 

Now, I have to begin spending all my free time putting the finishing touches on Book Two, Guardians of the Cross.  If not, it will never be ready for its official release in July.  I can tell you that everyone who has read Guardians says it is much more exciting than Warriors.  Personally, I think their both exciting in different ways.  It's been so many months since I last read through Guardians of the Cross that I’m confident I’ll find all kinds of wonderful (and forgotten) surprises embedded within the second part of Allison’s saga.  In fact, I can hardly wait to get started.