Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bloggers and Followers

I hate to sound redundant, but writing Warriors of the Cross really was just a a baby step toward reaching my book writing goals.  After it was finished, I uncovered a world of wonderful freelance graphic designers, awesome Indie Recording Artists, and amazing software products geared toward beautifying, fine-tuning, and simplifying the book publishing process.

With those hurdles overcome, I've moved on to an equally important - and just as daunting - phase of the project.  Book Reviews.  My current goal (besides editing Guardians of the Cross) is to identify Bloggers willing to review Warriors of the Cross on their websites and Followers agreeing to assist me in my efforts geared toward getting as many people as possible reading the series.

The moment I began my search, I found Bloggers who rate superstar status.  Some are so respected by Followers their opinions can mean instant success for authors who are granted a great review by them.  After seeing their accomplishments and the number of reviewed books, I'm amazed at the way these Bloggers summarize their opinions into information which allows the read to decide if they want to spend their valuable time reading the book.  They provide their thoughts in such a manner that many authors can avoid pitfalls just by reading them.  It is equally important to mention that these famous Bloggers come in all ages (14, 15, 16, and up).  Do not discount them because of their age.  I've gleamed more from their sites and their feedback than I've learned the entire time I submitted queries to literary agents and traditional publishers.  It is my opinion that hundreds of agents/publishers (of mature ages) could learn a lot from these young bloggers' open style of communication.

Without a doubt, blogging is just the beginning for many of them.  Eventually, they will be running successful literary agencies and/or publishing companies.  I hope they never lose their ability to provide honest feedback.

Critical to Bloggers success are their loyal Followers.  Since publishing Warriors of the Cross, I've virtually met several authors who I will follow for years to come because they have been so kind and encouraging.  They definitely do not have the 'eat your young' mentality.  For that, I'm grateful.