Friday, April 8, 2011

Revised Edition

It is always great to see The Warrior Series' story and its characters through other people’s eyes.  I love to hear the aspects of the book that worked for them, the emotions they felt while reading the story, and the reader's opinions of the characters and their actions. 

This is interesting to me for several reasons:
  1. If I know what works, I'm less likely to change anything about that part of the book during the inevitable revisions.
  2. If someone has a strong feeling, I've accomplished my goal as a writer.  
    • I've had people call me frantic, telling me they can't believe I did something with a character or the storyline within the book.  When this happens, I make a mental note to myself.  If they have read anything that stuck with them so strongly that it prompted them to call me and talk to me about it...I'm not apt to change that particular part.  
    • I've had numerous people tell me that something about the book's intensity made them cry.  I thought this was interesting since it is not too terribly sad.  I have tried to prompt those same people to tell me more about what within the book moved them to that emotion.  Unfortunately, it seems the reasons are too personal.  In the end, I decided there is just something about Warriors of the Cross that reminds them of someone they love/loved or maybe a special time and place in their life.
    • The latest 'complaint' is that the book is too scary.  The person who told me this knows I love her like a sister, so I don’t think she’ll mind me sharing her comments.  According to her, “I was so anxious I skipped whole sentences at the end and couldn't sleep through the night after finishing it.”  Of course, I had a great laugh after she scolded me for not telling her just how paranormal the story was.
The good news it that I’m almost finished making some minor updates to the story.  As with every other change I have made to Warriors of the Cross, I’m confident the book will be better than it was before I began my revisions. 

Thanks to all who have been patiently awaiting the newest version.