Friday, April 22, 2011

Virtual Friends Are The Best of The Best

While no one will replace the love, loyalty, and trust I have with my family and day-to-day friends, I've been amazed at the generosity I've been shown by my new virtual friends.  I consider my virtual friends people who I've only met through emails, blogs, reviews, Facebook, and brief comments.

I've mentioned Claudia with Phatpuppy Art -!/phatpuppyart - several times before, but her kindness warrants another round - virtually - of applause.  I go to many sites to see her work because each collection is unique.  While I'm there, I've noticed the respect and gratitude she shows those who admire her work (as well they should).  Because of this and the expedient way she has created two phenomenal book covers for me (with a third one pending), I have to say she is wonderful. 

Below is her book cover promotion.  I'm going to encourage everyone visiting my page to take time to purchase and read the books being promoted here.  My personal goal is to finish each before the end of the summer (if they get published before then).

Now, I want to tell you about another wonderful person who contacted me after she saw Warriors of the Cross on GoodReads...Jayde Scott.  I can start by saying her pen name is as beautiful as she is on both the inside and the outside.  Jayde wrote a book enjoyed by both me and my six year old son, Alex Gonzo, Royal Spy.  It reminds me of a very funny Spy Kids, and I look forward to writing a great review for her on several sites within the next few days.  In addition to this book, Jayde is writing the Ancient Legend Trilogy.  I can hardly wait to read Book One, A Job from Hell.  I'll include her book trailer at the end of my blog for every one's review. 

Jayde was kind enough to take time from her very busy schedule and read and review Warriors of the Cross.  I know these tasks aren't always easy when books are in their infancy stages.  For the use of her precious time and her positive feedback, I will be eternally grateful and a lifelong virtual friend (especially since she's from London).   

Visit her website - - and read her books.

Jayde's Warriors of the Cross Review:

     I thought Warrior of the Cross was a fantastic read with a great story and a believable voice.  Allison wasn't the usual whiney character we often meet in YA and paranormal literature nowadays. She had fears like everyone else, but she also had a strength in her that allowed her to be there for her dying brother and her emotionally suffering sister going through the motions of a divorce. I liked Allison's empathy for others, but also the fact that she wasn't oblivious to danger.  This made her seem real and clever to me.

    The twist involving Allison's true heritage was interesting. There were plenty of clues throughout  the story, but I didn't see it's magnitude until the very end.

    All in all, a great read.

It is always exciting to find people whose gifts include the ability to encourage others who are pursuing their goals.  Too often, people believe they must tear someone down in order to build themselves up.  If everyone were as wonderful as these two friends, the world would be a great place to live.  Thank you both.

A Job from Hell's Book Trailer: