Saturday, April 30, 2011

Through Hard Work All Things Are Possible

Eventually, all of my sleep deprivation and hard work will be worth it.

After enduring an eye-opening week where I tweaked the formatting of The Warriors of the Cross, I will reiterate the message every self-published author spouts constantly, 'Self-publishing is not the easy way out.' 

I can say this because I am working harder now than I have ever worked in my life (this coming from a former ICU nurse) in my efforts geared toward working, writing, publishing, and taking care of my family.  In order to keep all the balls in the air, I have to keep focusing on one aspect at a time.  My days are devoted toward my day job and its commute.  My nights are spent blogging, socially connecting, writing, marketing, publishing, and advertising.  In between all of that and as a wife and mother, I make sure my family's needs are a priority, and my kids grow up in a safe, happy, and functional home.  Of course, without my husband - my wonderful husband - I would never be able to do any of this, and my children would not be nearly as well tended.

Don't get me wrong, every precious hour is worth it, and I wouldn't do it if I didn't love it.  In some ways, it is similar to preparing for a marathon.  I have to do more, give more, and endure more in order to reach my goal of being a successful author.

During all the hours of preparation, I've learned more than I ever thought possible about the publishing industry.  While common to publishers, the intimidating terminology could be misconstrued as a foreign language to the lay person.  Regardless of the complexities, it is critical that every self-published author educates themselves on gadgets, widgets, carousels (not the kind at the fair), blogs, social networking, followers, associates, tags, clouds, HTML vs. PDF vs. Word, hyperlinks, and graphics.

With two years of writing and six months of hard work behind me, I'm almost certain I could teach a course on self-publishing.  At least then, I could educate people on all the aspects that I've been forced to learn through trial and error. 

On that note, I'm signing off and thanking everyone who is buying The Warriors of the Cross.

P. S. Below, you will see my new glyph (compliments of  Free Software Foundation) which has been added to Warriors of the Cross as chapter separators.