Friday, May 27, 2011

Virtual Angels

While people rarely shock me, I have been amazed and awed by the kindness bestowed upon me by Memrie from darkangel88, her followers, their followers, and so on.  I connected with Memrie on Goodreads, a phenomenal website for people who love to read or write. Afterwards, she graciously tweeted about Warriors of the Cross and provided the free e-book coupon code to her fans. Then, she posted a link for Warriors of the Cross on her website.

The results of her actions were instantaneous and astronomical.  Right now, Warriors of the Cross is one of Smashword's top 5 bestsellers, AND it is one of the top 1.6% of all e-books being sold per Nielsen BookScan results.

Without a doubt, Memrie has found her calling when it comes to social networking and cultivating interest in new books/authors.  She has made a tremendous impression on me and is a leader by example.  Memrie is a new virtual friend of mine…one I hope to have for years to come.  My resolution is to repay Memrie (and her follower's) thoughtfulness dozens of times over with my own random acts of kindness. 

Besides Memrie, I have met many generous people this week.  All of them have been willing to help me achieve my goal of catapulting Warriors of the Cross to Amazon's Top 100 List.  While impossible to mention each of them by name, I have tried to send a personal response to each of them, ‘friend’ them, and add their sites to the list of blogs I'm following.  To each person adding Warriors of the Cross to their list of books ‘being read’ or their list of books ‘to be read’ and to those who are blogging, tweeting, and talking about Warriors of the Cross, I want to say a heartfelt 'Thank you'.  I really appreciate everyone's interest.