Thursday, June 9, 2011

Through The Eyes of Strangers

I've spent the last several weeks getting to know people I would never have met if I hadn't written Warriors of the Cross.  In fact, I never would have met these worldwide friends without the unbelievable technology in existence today. The interesting thing about blindly introducing yourself to strangers is you have to come to terms with who you are. Your answers must be open and honest.  If not, you will be branded the fraud you become when you lie. 

The question I've been asked most is "What is your favorite book?" That's innocent enough, right? For me, this is difficult because I know my reply makes or breaks the friendship. The honest answer is...(you guessed it) Warriors of the Cross. The problem is that particular answer makes me look arrogant and could lead my new 'friend' to think I am lying in order to sell a book (hard to do when they are FREE). I'm positive their first thought is 'how could it possibly be better than some of the greatest books ever'?  Well, the short answer is - as I found myself honestly disclosing - I embedded my friends and loved ones most interesting and endearing mannerisms into the characters of this fantasy. I truly love reading Warriors of the Cross because it makes me feel like I have just had a homecoming visit with wonderful friends/family (dead and alive) by the time I make it to the end.

Another question giving me pause is "Why did you write your book?" I had to think long a hard about this because there is not one single reason. Instead, my many motives were complex and personal. In response, I have given several versions of the following:  'I'm a nurse by profession and choice…and passion. For the rest of my life, my heart and mind will vividly remember every man, woman, and child dying on my watch. I recall each tear shed (my tears and theirs) while standing by and watching the families grieve for their loved ones. These extraordinary patients and families impacted me and made me the person I am today. They sparked a desire in me to want to change the world into one where people can be healed with the touch of a hand and the merging of souls. In fact, the mere thought excites me. If only...sigh!'

The one thing I'm sure of is my new friends, followers, and fans will continue to force me to analyze who I really am, what my goals are, and how those objectives will be accomplished. Actually, I thrive when I'm challenged; therefore, I'm confident our relationships will work out perfectly.

Again, I want to send special thanks to people who are adding themselves as T. R.’s Fans on GoodreadsJessica, Tee, KyraVani, Tamara, Tatyana, Joel, Janel, Emily, Lisa, Jody, Amber, and Nevey.  I'd also like to thank Ms. Twilight Twilight and Melissa for reading Warriors of the Cross and for giving it a 5 star (*****) review and Kerry H., Amber, and Cheryl for their 4 star (****) review.  I really appreciate the time you took to post the review and - of course - the kind words.  In fact, I want to thank everyone who is following my blog, who accepted and/or requested a friendship with me on Goodreads & Facebook, and who is now following me on Twitter & Scribd

You are all awesome!