Thursday, June 16, 2011

☠ The Frightening...The Scary...The Face Wall ☠

There is one very eerie location around which the Warriors of the Cross revolves...The Face Wall.  I wish I was creative enough to make it up, but I'm not.  It is a very real and very frightening site.  As told in the book, there is a story about the previous owner embedding his face onto the wall as an act of retaliation because his family sold the property to the university after he - emphatically - demanded they not sell the property upon his death. That particular story does nothing to frighten me. 

The Face Wall story haunting me is very personal.  Almost twenty years ago, there was a bright and beautiful Canadian nurse with whom I worked. One evening, she and another nurse decided to see what The Face Wall looked like late one night.  'Something' scared them while they were there.  Frightened, they jumped back into the car and planned to leave.  Somehow, my nurse friend - the driver - inadvertently backed into the ocean rather than the road leading out.  My friend never made it out of the car alive because her seat belt's mechanism failed, and neither girl could get it to release.  Before all hope was lost, the other girl swam to the surface and rushed across the street to the ER for help.  By the time the rescue team arrived, it was too little and too late.  This reality makes The Face Wall more than an urban legend for me.  It makes it one of the most frightening places around, and the very reason I've made it into the Devil's Lair in the Warriors of the Cross.

Because I worked closely with that nurse, I knew her to be wonderful and kind.  She was a great caregiver, a patient mentor, and a gentle person.  I'll never forget one of our long-termed patients, a teenage boy who was deathly ill after a traumatic accident.  This nurse spent every shift taking care of this young man.  In fact, she came in day-after-day and requested him as her patient even though his care was complicated and strenuous...especially after several 12-hour shifts in a row.  She didn't let her own fatigue stop her.  She cared for him meticulously and was a major reason he recovered.  After months of recuperation, the two of them bonded.  It was a wholesome connection unlike anything I'd ever witnessed between a nurse and a patient.  She cared about him and his recovery, and he cared about her as a friend. 

Her commitment to this gravely ill boy exemplifies the caliber of a person the world lost on that horrific night.  Having known her and her pure heart, I'm confident that God immediately carried her to the heavens and sat her next to him.  I’m equally sure she is watching all of us through a spirit that is not hampered by the boundaries of our earthly bodies.

Recently, I found The Face Wall has a Facebook page.  Check it out (via the internet and not in person)!

Important Updates:  This week has been EXCITING for me.  Warriors of the Cross has reached some highly anticipated goals on Amazon:  

As has become customary, I would like to give a few shout outs to my new friends, followers, and fans.  My newest Goodread fans include: Brooke, Julie, Vicky, Darimar, Miss Reviewer, Linda, Erin, Janet, Jody (2), and Jackie

I especially want to thank Jody (I'll call her Jody (1) since there are two Jody fans).  Her Five Star (*****) response after reading Warriors of the Cross was the exact type every author dreams about after putting so much of themselves into their work.  She made my day!  I've included just a few of her comments below. 
  • If you are looking for a fresh paranormal romance thriller, Warriors of the Cross delivers.
  • I have never recommended a book to my Goodreads friends but I just did. I feel like I discovered a hidden treasure that I can't wait to share! Keep the story coming. I love the characters!!!
  • Besides the Romance, there are many layers to this unique plot. It takes place in a hospital and there are medical patients and cases coming and going like a really good episode of ER. The descriptions are both realistic and enthralling. It really reads well and I didn't want to put it down. When I wasn't reading it, I was thinking about the characters and plot. 
I also want to thank Julie for her Five Star (*****) rating and Amber for her Four Star (****) review.