Friday, July 22, 2011

YA Indie Carnival - Week Two

Welcome back to week two of the YA Indie Carnival. The topic on the minds of the bloggers/authors sponsoring this adventure is: Why do we read/write Indie? The reason for pursuing the ultimate in DIY projects is personal for each of us. Take a few minutes to visit our sites (listed below) and understand why we are following this unique path.

As for me, I’d never even heard of Indie publishing before this year. I - like most people -thought the only path for authors was that of traditional publishing. With that assumption, I sent Warriors of the Cross to a hand full of literary agents. Each query got declined quickly.  It was as if the process were automated. The most disappointing part of the impersonal rejection was the lack of guidance. There were no recommendations for improving the book or suggestions for increasing the book's marketability. Left on my own, I had to trust my instinct.

While writing Warriors of the Cross, I happened upon Createspace. With my discovery, I realized there may be other options. A few months later, I bought Switched by Amanda Hocking and found it was published through Smashwords. I instantly knew there were other options.

Going ‘down the Indie Author rabbit hole’, I received a warm welcome from passionate readers, talented graphic designers, selfless reviewers, and fellow authors. It was the world I craved. These people became the mentors I’d been in search of.

After being unconditionally accepted, I made an Indie commitment to give back more than I took. With my first book, I knew I would need a lot (feedback/word-of-mouth/patience).  I, balancing that out, listed Warriors of the Cross for FREE for most of June/July. During that time, 30,000+ books were downloaded and the overall ratings on both Amazon and Goodreads continues to average 4 stars (****).

The bottom line is that with Indie, I have met goals that I never thought possible. Interesting enough, my most important successes have almost nothing to do with the number of books downloaded or the book's ratings. Instead, they reside within the wonderful people I have met ‘virtually’...the symbols of this movement. Perfect examples of these representatives include the authors/bloggers who are hosting this brilliant YA Indie Carnival.

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