Friday, August 12, 2011

YA Indie Carnival - Week Five

It’s week five of the YA Indie Carnival. I want to take a few minutes to thank everyone for supporting our endeavor and for returning time and time again. This week’s topic of discussion is ‘What is the most surprising thing about going Indie?’ To this I say, “What about going Indie has not been surprising?”

I started out as a hospital technical assistant (a glorified nurses’ aide), working on weekends while attending college classes during the week. As an assistant and eventually a nurse, I learned critical information about disease processes from the bottom up. Literally and figuratively. I was involved in every aspect of the patient’s care, and no procedure was too small (or gory) to ignore or evade. Every single thing I learned was exciting because I was determined to become a great nurse, my goal and my passion. Surprising to me is the fact that my ground-up education into Indie publishing has been comparable to my nursing path in lots of ways.

First and as if I were still in nursing school, I’m spending exhaustive nights and weekends meeting self-imposed deadlines and accomplishing unimaginable goals. Fortunately, both nursing and writing are worth the sleep deprivation.

Second, I’m determined to educate myself on the unexpected details associated with writing, editing, publishing, and marketing. I would never have believed there are so many things to many opportunities to grow as an Indie author. For each task, I depend on the same dedication I demonstrated when performing nursing care.

Finally, my nursing career has opened me up to a world of people who are dynamic…phenomenal…awe inspiring. Much to my surprise (and as I've said), Indie publishing has given me the same opportunity. I’ve met great authors, bloggers, followers, fans, and friends who have forever changed my life, and who have helped me without conditions. To find out more about a few of these wonderful people, please visit the sites of the other participants of this carnival.

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