Thursday, August 25, 2011

YA Indie Carnival - Week Seven

Well, we’ve made it to week seven of the YA Indie Carnival.  Time flies when you are getting to know individuals as fascinating as the authors/bloggers collaborating with me during this event.  Of all the topics we have discussed, this is the one most intimidating.  At least, I think it is.  This week, we are revealing the first paragraph of a new story.  My nervousness is directly related to the fact that I’m unveiling never-before-seen paragraphs from Guardians of the Cross. 

Unable to decide which to share, I’m going to post TWO first paragraphs.  The initial one will be from Guardians of the Cross's prologue.  The second one will be from Guardians of the Cross's  first chapter.

Without further ado, here goes. 

Julia strolled along the beach with James, enjoying the beautiful orange and yellow shades of the sunset.  The way the scene mirrored off the ocean's blue glass horizon made for a spectacular sight.  The serenity of the setting - along with the calming, salt-infused breeze - camouflaged the danger speeding toward her and her unborn baby faster than a just fired bullet.

Chapter One - Beginning to Heal

Lost forever was the wide-eyed innocence I’d embraced with a vengeance the first twenty-four years of my life.  In its place sat a gaping hole of sorrow, the direct result of a lost life, a stolen childhood, and a kidnapped soul.

Disclaimer: Both could change before December's official release. This is simply how they stand today.

Feel free to provide feedback.  Then, join me in visiting my fellow authors'/bloggers' sites and see what wonderful treasures they are sharing with us today.   While you're surfing from site to site, you can find out more about Amy Jones Young's Guardians of Souls Blog Tour.

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