Thursday, September 1, 2011

YA Indie Carnival - Week Eight

Welcome back to the eighth installment of the YA Indie Carnival. This week, my fellow authors/bloggers are disclosing three tips that could be beneficial to other YA Indie authors.  Early on in my Indie publishing career, I would have given almost anything to access this type of advice from mentors as inspiring as those participating in this carnival.  Actually, I’m confident that I will discover secrets that will benefit me even today. 

I can honestly say that I have spent more hours than I care to admit searching for ways to improve Warriors of the Cross and my marketing of it.  Since the young adult genre is swarming with thousands of great books/authors, I knew in advance this would be a difficult task…and an exciting journey.  I was right on both accounts. 

Below, I’m revealing three of my favorite treasures.  It was difficult to narrow this list down to three.  There are so many talented and supportive people, wonderful tools to simplify the most complicated project, and unbelievable sites to help with every aspect of marketing.  While I want to share everything that I’ve learned, I'm limited to a book cover designer, a book trailer creator, and a great marketing tool.

·         Book cover Designer
o   Claudia with Phatpuppy Art is a phenomenal artist and a godsend to this Indie author.  So far, she has graciously created three cover art designs for me.  She was the first person I contacted…and the last.  Working with her makes this daunting task less intimidating.

HOT OF THE PRESSES: Enemies of the Cross - cover art

·         Video Production
o   Animoto allows me to generate great (and professionally produced) book trailers.  This is a small miracle considering the fact that I had spent hours attempting - unsuccessfully - to develop book trailers.  Despite my hard work, I was never able to create anything I wanted to share with the world.  Animoto was so ridiculously simple that I cursed myself for not finding them sooner.

·         Giveaway Manager
o   Goodreads.  Need I say more?  This is the perfect website, and it offers the chance for writers to communicate with the same people reading their books.  As an added bonus, Goodreads will host a giveaway.  Everything about the giveaway is controlled by the author (how many books, how long it’s listed, and the mailing of the prize books).  I can say from personal experience that this site and all its author programs has contributed to my books getting added to more than 1,000 book shelves.  Equally astonishing is the fact that almost 2,000 people entered the Warriors of the Cross/Guardians of the Cross Giveaways.   

Now, join me in visiting Aimee Brown's Blog where Heather Cashman's book PERCEPTION (The Tigers' Eye Trilogy, Book 1) is being given away.  Congratulations, Patti Larson, on the release of your new book Hide (Book Two of the Hunted Series).  And, welcome to the carnival, Abbi Glines - author of Breathe, Cidney Swanson - author of Rippler, and Cheri Schmidt - author of Fateful.

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