Thursday, September 15, 2011

YA Indie Carnival - Back to School Is the Theme

Welcome Back!  Believe it or not, this is the 10th installment of the YA Indie Carnival.  Last week's giveaway was very successful thanks to some great authors/blogger/followers.  

Without further ado, the winners are:
Emily Tardy
Darby Karchut
LuvToRead09 (won a Warriors of the Cross eBook)
Kimy Unalesca
Julie Witt
Avery Olive
The Queen of Teen Fiction
Emily: Emily Ann Ward


This week, the carnival participants are sharing 'a first day of school experience from our writing AND our lives'.  Let me tell you in advance that the 'first day of school' story I’m sharing is NOT mine but rather someone else’s.   
When I was in the 10th grade, I was at school and went outside to find my friends for lunch.  Leaving my class, I saw from a distance several of my friends were staring my way as if anxiously awaiting my arrival.  The closer I got, the more obvious it became that they were bursting at the seams to tell me something. 

It turned out that they wanted to gossip about a new student.  The second I approached them, they pointed his way.  While they tried to be discrete by using head tilts and eye movements, I'm confident their actions were not nearly as 'clandestine' as they thought.  Ignoring their rudeness, my gaze followed the direction they were hinting toward. 

That is when I saw the most beautiful person that I’d ever laid eyes on.  I'd never used the word ethereal in my life, but - right then and there - I knew it applied to him.  He casually leaned against one of the many walkway poles and pretended to ignore the way everyone watched him like he was an animal at the zoo.  As gorgeous as he was, my first impression was that he was very sad and lonely.

In the background, I vaguely heard my best friend filling me in on everything he’d heard about the boy, including the fact that he was in the 11th grade.  Instantly, I realized it was unusual for someone his age to move to a new school.  I wanted to know more, but he was too stunning to approach much less befriend.  I, instead, left him standing by himself. 

Here's the thing.  I’ll never forgive myself for not reaching out to him that day.  It turned out that his mother had moved him away from his loving father, his childhood home, and the only friends he’d ever known.  His entire life had been uprooted with his move from the fourth-largest city to our tiny, little town in Louisiana.  Having been married to him for the last 25 years, I now know that move - that first day of school - was one of the hardest things he's ever done.  Almost a man by then, he had choices, but he followed his mother and become the man of the family. 

Even today, he is selfless.  He puts my needs and his kids wants above his own on a daily basis.  I'll never be able to share every lesson he's taught me over the years, but on that day, I learned it is NEVER inappropriate to reach out to someone who looks like they need a friend…because they probably do.

Warriors of the Cross - Allison La Crosses's first day of residency: 

“Now, you’ve heard enough from me.  Here are the three Chief Residents you will be working with day and night,” she said introducing the woman and two men walking into the auditorium.

Making their way next to her on the podium, two of them instantaneously became invisible.  The third person’s presence meant every other person in the room faded to black.  He wore a white skin-tight, long-sleeved t-shirt – one hugging every sun-browned ripple on his arms, chest, and abdomen – and a pair of OR green scrub bottoms.

“This is Dr. Patel,” Dr. Medsin said as the woman next to her lifted her hand to let us know she was Dr. Patel.

“Next to her is Dr. Martinez.”

With that introduction, the bearded man beside Dr. Patel gave everyone a peace sign.

“Finally, we have Dr. Kennedy.” 

Dr. Kennedy nodded his head in acknowledgment of Dr. Medsin’s comments.  He stood legs spread apart and hands locked behind his back.  He had an enviable confidence since public speaking led to weakness and nausea for me.  My gasp was audible when I realized he was the beautiful man who blew past me at Clark’s the day before.  The one I’d dreamed about. 

Watching him, I became hypnotized.  I was unable to pull my focus away from the beaming golden light, which was blinding and bright.  Its source was an aura emitting from his pores like he had a powerful radiance embedded within him.  When I regained focused, his glow disappeared. 

Mesmerized, I found myself unable to look away from him or his thick, wavy hair, which was brown with natural highlights.  Admiring his eyes, I saw a natural hint of pink lining the rims of his lids.  The color of his eyes happened to be as unique and beautiful as him.  A thin brown ring lined his teal-green irises.  I thought, again, that he had to be more stunning than anyone I had ever seen.  Man or woman.

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