Thursday, September 22, 2011

YA Indie Carnival - Indie Idol

In today’s Indie Carnival post, we are writing about Indie authors we admire.  Our own special Indie Idols.  I've said several times The Sisters from The Warrior Series are more than three wonderful characters.  With this post, I’m being given the privilege of sharing some special details that will help everyone to understand why I’ve picked The Sisters as my IDOLS. 

In Warriors of the Cross, the readers were introduced to Lita (Brody’s mother) and Glenna and Sylvia (Brody’s aunts).  Lita’s character is based off my beloved mother-in-law (who died seven years ago of lymphoma).  Glenna and Sylvia’s characters are reincarnations of Lita’s very talented sisters (who are still alive and well).  While these three women are role models for women of all ages, they are especially inspirational to me because they were Indie (musician, author, and artist) before Indie was cool.   

Lita recorded an album 30+ years ago and sold them herself at church functions.  Her singing was infamous to anyone who ever heard her.  In fact, singing was such a part of Lita that her everyday speaking voice was beautiful and melodic.  I witnessed the way people were drawn in.  Looking back, I realize it was her voice that literally pulled them her way.  While it may have been the reason people were attracted, they stayed close because of the internal beauty and kindness she possessed.  Below, I've added a snippet of one of the songs from her album.  The transition from album to MP3 is not perfect, but it will give you an idea of how beautifully she sang.

Glenna.  In the book, I created a character whose words are so eloquent and poetic that her talents are instantly recognized by anyone conversing with her.  The real-life Glenna is exactly like that.  I’ve never met anyone else whose every word should be documented for the world to relish in and appreciate for years to come.  Below, I’ve included just one of the many, many powerful passages she shared with the world via small press more than 30 years ago.  The most difficult part of this post is narrowing her entire body of work down to one.  

Forgive me, Lord, if ever I should wrap myself
in pharisiac robes when I see another fall
In no way am I greater
because of another’s weakness.
At the most it only turns the eyes
of the crowd away from my own frailty.
Few of us would ever think of hurting someone
but too many times we have used the power
of "talk" to kill.
Here, Lord, take these stones I hold.

Sylvia’s created some of the most beautiful water-color paintings I’ve ever seen.  I’ve learned from her to be selfless when it comes to my work.  She’s made a habit of giving her masterpieces away to people she knew would appreciate them rather than keeping them tucked away in a closet or selling them.  Actually, my most treasured art - that which exists on the walls of my house - was painted by Sylvia.  While these pieces are sentimental because of the labor that she put into them, I love them for the peace and tranquility they represent.  Sylvia partnered with Glenna and became a book illustrator.  Unfortunately, I couldn't download a sharp/crisp picture of Sylvia's work.  Rather than provide something that did little justice to Sylvia or her work, I chose not to include examples (for now). 

After 're-educating' myself on these great women's work, I'm more positive than ever that they are my IDOLS.  They have shown me the importance of taking the road less traveled (if necessary) in order to make your dreams come true.  They also proved to me Indie does not mean less talented because there have been fewer people in the world more talented than these sisters.

Books by Glenna Oldham & Sylvia Grubbs:
The Potter and the Clay 
Cherish the Memories 
A Journal for Prayer & Praise 
…for He delights in me 

Album by Lita Kennedy:
Sing Them Over Again

Also, there is a new release from Laura Elliott13 On Halloween. Click Laura's name to get to the book's trailer.

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