Friday, October 7, 2011

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

 ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪ 5 STARS
AMAZING! Really, I'm not sure I've ever read a book where every sense is completely satisfied. Erin Morgenstern's descriptions are so flawless you know exactly how foods you've never eaten taste. She details fragrances in such a manner that - while they are nowhere near - they waft around you and awaken your senses. She makes places, which are absolutely foreign, feel like home and complete strangers seem like trusted friends. In other words, she is one of the rare authors who can perform magic with her words...similar to the way her characters perform their illusions within The Night Circus.

I've said before I have a long commute, so I enjoy listening to a great book. Somehow, listening to this story made the commute feel less of a chore and more like 'me time'. I was so enthralled by the story that I was disappointed every day when I finally made it to my destinations (work or home).  

I should also mention that the narrator is phenomenal. He has one of those voices. An accent I could listen to forever. When you couple him with the beautifully poetic writing and the unique and timeless story, this audiobook becomes a must listen to (or a must read). In other words, pick your book median of choice and go for it. You will not be disappointed.

Now, I just hope to win one of the two signed copies being given away on Goodreads. *fingers crossed*

Thanks to my dear friend, Michael, for insisting I read this book.  You were absolutely right!