Friday, October 28, 2011

YA Indie Carnival - Best Scares

This week's YA Indie Carnival topic is Best Scares. Now, I'm going to flat-up (my niece's favorite thing to say) tell you I never have and probably never will read a scary book. For all those same reasons, I do not watch terrifying shows or sit through horror movies. I know...I know I am in the minority, and I'm okay with my lot in life. I just can't do horror in any fashion.

By contrast, I LOVE to read - and write - paranormal romance. There are aspects of the paranormal genre which allows me to experience the excitement of getting to know the character's 'magical' talents without having the bejesus scared out of me. When their mystical traits are coupled with a solid romantic story-line, I can really devote some undivided attention to the offering's of the author's imagination.

Since I have no frightening books to share, I'm going to talk about the paranormal romance I just finished, Everlasting by . The final book of The Immortals Series is the perfect ending to a series filled with love, hate, romance, passion, regret, and the effects (positive and negative) of karma. 

We've known for a while that Ever, Damen, and Jude have met in each of their lifetimes. This book opens us up to the possibility that everyone lives the same life over and over until they get it right, and the karma from our past keeps haunting us until we've made amends to those wronged...and the universe. 

Traveling down Ever's road, we find an entire population of people who have gotten caught up in - and keep getting caught up in - her cosmic adventure, one which includes auras, witches, telepathy, apothecary, and magic. Equally obvious is Ever's desire to go to heaven (to join her family) and her fear of landing in hell (lost an alone) for the choices she makes. 

Like the rest of the books in the series, Ever and Damen are ignorant when it comes to the impact of their slip-ups. Because of this, they are prevented from journeying toward the world of enlightenment they claim to seek.  Worse, they make the same blunders over and over. Some of their worst mistakes are made when they try to do what they think is best for the other.  

As in life, some of the characters are memorable, and others are not. By far, my favorite characters of the series are Riley and Jude. If I were writing this story, they would become soul mates in their next life.  

This final book rights most wrongs while hinting at a new series...or even a seventh book. It will be interesting to see which wins out.