Wednesday, November 23, 2011

YA Indie Carnival - A Thanksgiving Story

This week's YA Indie Carnival topic is A Thanksgiving Story. Since I don't have any Thanksgiving passages in my books, I thought I would share an excerpt from Guardians of the Cross. The scene is one immediately following a horrific attack on Allison La Crosse. In the center of this meal – and Allison’s speech – is love, family, and God.  This is as close to Thanksgiving as I could get.
Chapter 12

When we made it to the beach house, The Sisters ran from the deck to welcome us.  While awkward, I found it was possible for three people to hug one person at the exact same time.  As soon as I was cocooned within their embrace, they broke out into prayers filled with pleas of mercy and love. 
“God.  Thank you for the miracle you’ve allowed us to witness….for delivering Allie, Brody, James, Clark, Trevor, and Mallory back to us.  Give those who lack faith in you the ability to understand the magnitude of your power and your love.  Please keep your almighty hands on your Warriors, your Disciples, and your Judiciaries and bring them safely back to those who are unable to follow them into their battles.  In you all things are possible.  Amen.”    
Amazingly, their loving and spiritual words were spoken in unison as if they’d recited the same phrases a thousand other times.  I kissed them for all the prayers I knew they had uttered while I endured my newest attack.
Afterwards, they ushered us to the deck where they’d prepared a meal fit for the army we were fast becoming.  I hadn’t eaten for days so the food spread before me made my stomach rumble.  Before I could make a plate, Lita had one prepared and was shoving it toward me.  The scent of the garlicky tomatoes covering the noodles and meatballs was every bit as appetizing as Daddy’s homemade gumbo had been when we were in Louisiana. 
The instant I sat down, a basket filled to the brim with warm buttered bread made its way to me.  I quickly grabbed two pieces and passed the wicker container to Clark, who was next to me.  I noticed him seize a piece of the bread and take a bite before he’d even passed the basket along to the next person.  It occurred to me that he’d been as unable to eat while I was held hostage as Gillian had been.  I reached over and took his hand, secretly apologizing for everything I was putting him through.  He kept his hand squeezed around mine. 
Watching my family and friends, I saw them celebrating the win of our battle.  I was thankful and happy, but I could not fully enjoy the moment because I knew there was still a war to be won.
To all my friends, family, followers, and fans: Here’s to hoping you've lived well, laughed often, and loved much over the last year.

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