Friday, September 21, 2012

YA Indie Carnival - Indie Words of Wisdom

The YA Indie Carnival sponsors are sharing words of indie wisdom this week. Anyone wanting to take the bold step into the self publishing world will be interested in our advice, suggestions, and recommendations.

An indie author could easily be labeled as a jack of all trades because self-publishing turns them into the writer, editor, cover designer, format specialist, publisher, and marketer (depending on the book's phase). These roles have taken me down new and undiscovered roads every single time I've published a book. Some great. Others disappointing. No matter the outcome, the uncharted territory has made me stronger while teaching me valuable lessons that will be with me as long as I continue my self-publishing career.

The most important lesson I could share with future indie authors is to 'know when to ask for help'. If you can't do something yourself, you can't settle for good enough. Network with other indie authors and find someone who can do whatever needs to be done in a professional and timely manner. The more polished and finished your book, the more you will sell. It is important to remember that the expectations of an indie author and his/her self-published book are exactly the same as they are for books published through traditionally published companies. Only, we do (or contract) all the work ourselves.

For me, there are two people that I trust and depend on. The first person that I met and have come to adore is Claudia Lucia McKinney of Phatpuppy Art. She is my book cover designer. I'm not a artist; therefore, it's impossible for me to do any of the wonderful things she does or for me by making my books intriguing through a reader's first glance. As such, I happily turn that role over to her and know she will give me a design better than anything I could have ever imagined. On top of being talented, she's just a great friend.

The second person is a woman who makes the difficult job of editing much easier. Cassie McCown, a freelance editor and blogger (her site gathering leaves) did a phenomenal job editing Guardians of the Cross and Enemies of the Cross. My virtual meeting of Cassie was accidental and at the same time meant to be. I've learned more from her than she will ever know, and I appreciate every ounce of feedback she's provided to me. Having someone like her in my corner makes everything about self-publishing easier.

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  1. Great advice, TR! I love Claudia's work... her images are absolutely beautiful.
    Oh, nearly forgot to say... I'm finally reading Warriors of the Cross! I'm about a third of the way through and I'm thoroughly enjoying it!! It's really, really gripping. I can't wait to find out what happens!! (I'm quite a slow reader though so it will probably be a while until I post a review for you!!)

  2. Good point. Asking for helping is really vital and something I have had to learn. I'm not very good at it as I never want to be a burden, but I have learned so much from a few key people by asking for advice and help. It's so worth doing :)

  3. Suzy, thanks so much for you kindness. Since you are truly someone I respect and admire, I look forward to your feedback.

    Melissa, I suffer from the same problems. At first, I never wanted to bother anyone by asking for advice or assistance. Now, I know how the input of others can make the final product so much richer because they can pull from things you've not yet thought of or experience.