Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Future Releases - Fall 2013

I know it seems like the fall of 2013 is forever away, but it takes months to write a book... and months more to write two. I plan to release Worth Dying For and Worth Living For next fall. Until then, I'm sharing the book covers--courtesy of Claudia Lucia McKinney (Phatpuppy Art)--and the synopsis for each. ENJOY!

Worth Dying For,Underwater Series #1 To Be Released 12/1/13

Isis, future Queen of the Coral City, lives a fairytale life and loves it all the way down to the last preordained detail. Others might resent a life so structured, but Isis thrives on knowing she was born to marry Set, bare his children, and spend her days reigning over the world she loves.
When the flaws deeply embedded within her enchanted world begin to surface and war threatens her kingdom, Isis realizes her dreams may never come true... that there may not be a world to rule if her enemies have anything to say about it. Determined to fulfill her destiny, protect her family, and preserve her city's peaceful state, Isis petitions to become a frontline soldier in the Underwater War.
General CoeusSet's twin brother and a man who hates everything Isis is fighting to protectreluctantly agrees to train and prepare her for the battle. Early on, she wonders whether his training methods will kill her before she ever steps the first foot onto the battleground.

As war grows closer and the preparation sessions between her and Coeus become more intense, Isis's visions for her picture-perfect life turns upside down, and she begins doubting everything she has ever been told. With Coeus' declaration of undying love, she understands that a life filled with love and happiness—rather than friendship and duty—is the only one worth dying for.

The brooding Coeus, twin brother to Set, hates the life he is forced to live. Making him even more rebellious is the fact that Apollo, his ruler and father, is intolerant of anyone who questions his antiquated customs... especially when that person is his very own son.
As the youngest twin, Coeus missed the honor of becoming the future ruler by seconds. He does not begrudge his brother's destiny. He does however resent the fact that Set's status as the oldest automatically makes him the man who will marry Isis, the most beautiful women in The Coral City and the only woman Coeus has ever loved.
In defiance of his father and their Piscean traditions, Coeus' refuses to marry his betrothed. Furious, Apollo sends him to the frontlines of the Underwater War. Coeus, who has a death wish, welcomes the chance to die for his kingdom because he knows that death would at least be honorable.
The last thing Coeus expects to find in the middle of the battle zone is Isis, but she is there, leading by example and fighting hard to protect the Coral City and its customs. After spending time with her and falling even deeper in love, Coeus decides to make her see what he sees... a life where they are together is the only one worth living for.

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