Saturday, January 21, 2012

Kindle Giveaway & Amazon Exclusive Debut

In honor of my most-recent agreement with Amazon, I'm celebrating with a Kindle Touch giveaway.  Before I summarize the details associated with the giveaway, I want to explain the reasons I, an indie author, made the decision to offer The Warrior Series' e-books exclusively on Amazon and apologize to those who will be unable to buy my books for the next 90 days.

I'm fast approaching my one-year blogger/indie author anniversary.  With that amount of time behind me, I have facts and data to help support my decisions (things I didn't have before).  For example, I know I sell more books on Amazon than all other outlets combined (at least ten times more).  That is because Amazon does a fantastic job at engaging independent authors and making their books available to readers who may never have known about the author's non-traditional published books without Amazon. 

Because Amazon is the site where the majority of my books are sold, I'm comfortable my choice will not isolate me - too terribly much - from the people most interested in reading my books.  The agreement I've made is to make my books available exclusively on Amazon for the next 90 days.  My decision makes me eligible for a share of the Kindle Owners' Lending Library Fund, which is calculated based on a share of the total number of qualified borrows of all participating KDP titles.  In the end, I'm considering this endeavor to be one more phase of my indie author education. 

Wish me luck by participating in my giveaway...and telling others.  THANKS!  THANKS!   


The Warrior Series Giveaway 

I'm not going to make this too difficult, but there will be a simple hurdle (or three) to cross before you can become eligible to win a great new Kindle Touch and some fabulous books by some inspiring Indie Authors.  It goes without saying that Warriors of the Cross and Guardians of the Cross will be two of the books included in the package.

The contest will go on indifinitely until all three of the following goals are met and the winning contestant must have contributed to the success by LIKE'ing or Following in all three places.  Click on each link below and LIKE or FOLLOW:
T. R. Graves Facebook Fan Page has 1,500 LIKES
T. R. Graves' Blog has 500 Followers
WARRIORSSERIES  has 1,500 Twitter Followers
BONUS: You'll get 3 extra indie author ebooks if you've become a T.R. Graves Goodreads Fan. 

Yes, you will have to move your mouse and click your finger a half-dozen times (oh the work) in order to be eligible to win this contest, but I'm absolutely sure you have done more for less.

✣ Above goals must be met (1,500 LIKES on T.R. Graves Facebook, 500 followers on T.R. Graves Blog, & 1,500 WARRIORSERIES twitter followers).
✣ Once the milestones are achieved, the person who is number X,XXX (the preselected number can't be disclosed...yet) to LIKE my Facebook Fan Page will be the winner of:
     ✦ 1 - Kindle Touch (& Prime Member 30-day free trial = Kindle Owners' Lending Library )
     ✦ 1 - Warriors of the Cross e-book
     ✦ 1 - Guardians of the Cross e-book
✣  The final winner has to have LIKE'ed the T.R. Graves Facebook Fan Page, followed the T.R. Graves blog, AND followed WARRIORSSERIES on Twitter. 
     ✦ If not, I will go backwards until I find someone meeting the eligibility requirements.