Friday, February 3, 2012

Unfurl (Ripple #3) - by Cidney Swanson

I want everyone to join me in welcoming Cidney Swanson to my blog.  Cidney and I are members of the YA Author Club.  I'm a fan of hers, her books, and her books' cover designer.  As part of Unfurl's Tour, Cidney is my guest host today, and I'm using some of her time to make sure everyone knows Unfurl is available.  

For me, it's exciting to let Cidney host my blog and do a Ripple Trilogy giveaway.  In order to win the giveaway, you will need to follow her via Google Friends Connect on her website  At the bottom of this post, you will be able to enter for the giveaway (click on read more).

To each of you, best of luck!  To Cidney, congratulations on your series and thanks for giving me the opportunity to support you!


Hi guys! I’m so happy to be here today as part of my UNFURL blog tour. I thought I’d address an issue that I get a lot of questions about: Writer’s Block. So, here are my thoughts. I hope you find them useful! 

Writer's block can cover a host of issues that stem from a number of sources ranging from something as simple as fatigue to something as complex as clinical depression. Most of the time though, it doesn't come from anything quite so dramatic. Most of the time, writer's block crops up when we're afraid to commit our words to paper or when we have "run out" of things to say.  

Although these causes are really dissimilar, the solution for both is the same. B-I-C. Butt in chair. As in: you need to sit down and just write. 
Have you ever primed a pump? There's a campground I visit every summer where we have to do that. You pull that handle up and down a few times and it seems like nothing is happening, but then all the sudden you're jumping backwards to avoid being drenched in icy fresh water.  

Your brain is like that pump. It needs to be primed, and often it will look like nothing is happening for the first little bit of B-I-C time. Inspiration really does follow perspiration though, and as you get your mind to recognize that you are going to go through with this activity right now, your mind will usually supply you with a few things to jot down. And then a few more.  

Still feeling stuck? Here are my two favorite ways to get unstuck. 

1: Interview your characters. You can ask them anything, really. Sit at your [writing instrument of choice] to do this, and actually write out the Q's and the A's. I find out all kinds of amazing stuff when I start asking my characters questions. 

2: If you’ve truly tried, truly done your B-I-C time and you’re still stuck, go take a walk. Sometimes a little change in scenery will loosen things up. Or maybe it’s the physical motion that does it. I’m not sure. But before you take your walk, ask your brain, “So, what happens next?” and see what comes up! 

Thanks so much, everyone, for the chance to stop by and visit today! Come say hi anytime! 

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