Thursday, February 16, 2012

YA Indie Carnival - Kissin' and Tellin'

On the heels of last week's steamy scenes, the sponsors of the YA Indie Carnival are sharing their favorite kiss-and-tell excerpts. I've chosen one from Guardians of the Cross (The Warrior Series, #2).  It includes a very intimate kiss between Allison and Clark (not Brody).  ENJOY!


After getting stitched and discharged, I waited alone on a bench outside of the ER lobby for Clark to bring the car up to the entrance.  Against Brody’s better judgment, I’d insisted he leave my side and let Dr. England know about our departure.

“Allison,” I heard someone calling my name.

I looked around and cringed when I saw both Suri and Betty coming my way.


I lifted the collar of my shirt, covering the knife’s wounds on my neck, and I pulled my hair toward my cheek, shielding the face cuts as much as possible.  In damage control mode, I was thankful for the jacket Clark brought for me.  It was the perfect camouflage for the road burns covering my arms.

Watching as they bumped shoulders and egged the other on, I witnessed their mischievous grins switch to pretend masks of concern the second they were in front of me.  There was no way I would share anything about the assault with them for obvious reasons.  I learned from personal experience that they would take the smallest kernel of truth and twist and turn it until I became a monster who deserved brutality.

“Allison, we missed you and Brody during morning’s rounds,” Betty crooned, openly insinuating Brody and I had been together.

I glanced toward Suri.  Evident was the red rage hate the stunning oriental beauty had for me.  Intimidated by her anger, I cowed and watched my wringing hands.

I’d known since the first day of our residency Suri considered Brody an expedition into uncharted territory…a challenge she intended to conquer.  It was a fixation reaching stalker levels after he saved her.  She frequently used their bond to influence him, making him choose between us.

Refusing to battle her (or tear Brody apart), I’d spent months surrendering Brody to her claim.  Since I would do anything for Clark, I completely understood - though resented - Brody’s passive acceptance of the unspoken agreement between Suri and myself.  At least, he’d conceded until she tried to keep him away from me after he learned I was saving someone.  He somehow knew I was using my powers and realized I may need his assistance.  Rather than allow that to happen, Suri forced Brody to choose between us.  Ignoring her demands and severing their connection, Brody rushed to me and admitted his undying love.

As if kicked in the stomach, Suri suddenly sucked in a loud breath.  Jerking my head up, I searched to see what had happened.  That’s when I saw that Suri’s eyes had turned black with fury.  Almost scowling, she glared at the exposed side of my neck…the side where Daryl’s hickeys went unhidden.  Even Betty was shocked silent after shooting a scandalous glance toward Suri and seeing her hate.  We both knew Suri assumed Brody had given me the marks.

Crud!  Crud!  Crud!

It was too late to hide them.  The damage was done.  I, instead, had to find a way to protect Brody.  He absolutely had to talk to Suri, but the time and place would be of his choosing.  Not here.  Not now.  Not like this.

“I-I woke up feeling sick,” I lied, praying they would leave before Brody returned.

“Oh, you were sick” Betty said, sending an unbelieving wink my way.

Behind them, Clark’s car screeched to a halt.  His fury over my newest predicament was the only emotion I could sense.

“Excuse me, my ride is here,” I said, squeezing between them and getting into the front passenger seat.  Instead of buckling in, I moved quickly into Clark’s personal space.  Face-to-face.

“Please just go along with me,” I begged.

After preparing him as much as I could, I leaned over and kissed him with as much passion as I could muster.  I put on the show meant to protect Brody.

Clark hid whatever surprise existed and gave in to my embrace.  Every strong emotion he’d had that day suddenly morphed into his own uncontrollable desire.  Within seconds, one of his hands wound into my hair, and the other pulled me fiercely toward him.  This is what he’d wanted since the moment we’d met.  Somehow, I’d been oblivious to its intensity…or he’d hidden it well.


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