Monday, May 7, 2012

Fifty Shades Freed (Fifty Shades #3) by E.L. James

Fifty Shades Freed (Fifty Shades #3) by
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WHAT A FINALE!!  Really...I'm not sure it could have been any better! 

I loved the way

has a way of telling a story that prevents you from walking away from it.  Every chapter ends with cliffhanger, and every book (even the last) ends in such a way that you have absolutely no choice but to download immediately the next and keep reading.  Be prepared to sacrifice sleep and ignore the family while you zoom your way through this unique and endearing story.

My biggest complaint has nothing to do with this heartwarming series, its realistic characters, or the phenomenal author.  It has everything to do with the people who hate this genre and feel the need to make their very negative opinions public.  My favorite negative reviewers are those coming from the people who hated Fifty Shades of Grey (Fifty Shades #1) so much that they bought, read, and rated every book in the series.  With those reviews and in my mind, I quote Shakespeare, "The lady (man) doth protest too much, methinks.

I'm just not sure who in the world can hate (with so much passion) a book that's underlying message is unconditional love.  This is the story about a man who was beaten, battered, and abused - the reasons for his very, very dark nature - finding that unconditional love can help him be the man that he wants to be.  It is powerful to see his transformation from a man embracing turmoil and darkness to a man who is in love and carefree...a man who concludes that he does not have to live the life he witnessed as a small child or let the affects of it shape him as an adult.   

I can only speak for myself personally, but when I think back on this very moving series, my favorite parts of the book have nothing to do with the extremely detailed sex scenes.  Honestly, there were some that I just had to skip.  Instead, my heart remembers fondly the sweet and bonding moments that were unrelated to sex and had everything to do with falling in deep and meaningful love.

I'm not sure there has ever been a series like this...but I'm sure there will never be another.  It's unique qualities can't be reproduced.  Despite this book's predominant genre, I don't regret one minute I spent reading it.  Great job and congratulations, !