Thursday, May 10, 2012

YA Indie Carnival - Mother's Day Reads

The sponsors of the YA Indie Carnival are celebrating Mother's Day by recommending great reads that can be gifted to any woman who would like to take a break from the real world and zone out in one created by phenomenal authors.

I read lots of books (and have written two and am writing three); therefore, it's simple for me to recommend several great young adult series...ones that have proven their worth by the sheer volume of their fan base.  I'm completely confident any one - or all - of them can be gifted to and will be loved by the wonderful women of the world who've put their children's lives ahead of their own.  Below, see the ones topping my list (and forgive me if I've missed a few):
Since it's Mother's Day, my last two recommendations are not young adult.  In fact, they should NOT be read by young adults.  They are absolutely positively enjoyable and are 'must reads' for anyone who loves truly romantic stories with complicated characters, layered story lines, and realistic dialogue.  I've never had anyone come back and tell me they were disappointed that they read them. 

1.Laura A. H. Elliott author of Winnemucca & 13 on Halloween, Book 1 in the Teen Halloween Series2.Bryna Butler, author Midnight Guardian series
3.Heather Self4.T. R. Graves, Author of The Warrior Series
5.Suzy Turner, author of The Raven Saga6.Cheri Schmidt, author of the Fateful Trilogy
7.Rachel Coles, author of Into The Ruins, geek mom blog 8.K. C. Blake, author of Vampires Rule and Crushed
9.Patti Larsen, The Hunted series and The Hayle Coven series10.Amy Maurer Jones, Author of The Soul Quest Trilogy
11.Fisher Amelie, author of The Understorey12.M. Leighton, Blood Like Poison Series, Madly, The Reaping
13.Cidney Swanson, author of Rippler14.Gwenn Wright, author of Filter
15.Melissa Pearl, Author of The Time Spirit Trilogy16.Heather M. White, author of The Destiny Saga
17.Courtney Cole Writes18.Liz Long | Just another writer on the loose.
19.Ella James20.Maureen Murrish