Saturday, June 30, 2012

YA Indie Carnival - Fiction Fireworks

This week's YA Indie Carnival topic is Fiction Fireworks.  There were so many options when I scanned Warriors, Guardians, Enemies, and Dark Angels that I had a difficult time deciding which excerpt to share.  In the end, I've elected to post a scene from Enemies, the third book in the series which will be released within the next month.  

This particular excerpt is one between Brody and Allie from their highly anticipated wedding.

Fans enjoy the (still in draft) sneak peak!  When finished, visit my fellow author's sites and enjoy the passages they've elected to share.


Without regard for my mindset - my reality - and as if magically possessed, Brody stared into my eyes.  He was so close I could see my reflection's every feature mirrored from deep within the black taking over his beautiful teal irises.  The intensity of his passion was consuming, and his intimacy made me flush. 

"My desire for you will be constant.  Unchanging.  Never ending.  This I swear," he said, leaning into my ear.  The warm moisture from his breath...his emphatic promise...made me shiver.

Ignoring the baby I had cradled in one arm and the deep red rose bouquet I had gripped in the other, Brody's hands, ones previously resting on my shoulders, sank to my lower back and pulled me into him.  He squeezed me into his every crevasse in such a way that I fleetingly wondered if he was attempting to meld our bodies together physically.   

With the thought of us melding together and becoming one, something inside me clicked.  I convulsed with its force.  My concentration was so focused on Brody and the way his wonderful ocean scent mixed with the roses' rich melon fragrance that it was a miracle Gillian did not drop to the floor next to the bouquet I'd just accidently released.   

Coming to my rescue and realizing a sacred ritual, something none of us had expected, was taking place, John carefully slipped Gillian from me and mindlessly bounced her while we finished our ceremony.  From the corner of my eye, I saw the way John watched us.  Based on his infatuation, Brody and I might as well have become extinct animals in the Houston Zoo, ones who were about to mate publically for the first time. 

Without regard for my irritation at not having the privacy that I craved for our pledges, I involuntary and poetically sang words which were as innate to me as my need to save people.  "As the water nourishes the earth.  As the sun feeds the plants.  My love will sustain you.  This I swear."

As soon as the words (the truest ones I'd ever spoken) fell from my lips, Brody bent down and kissed me.  This lingering kiss was more desirous and passionate than the symbolic one he'd given me after our earlier marriage ceremony.  Because our feelings were mutual, there was no way for me to pull myself from him.  Instead, I wrapped my arms around the back of his neck and pulled him closer to me.


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