Friday, September 28, 2012

YA Indie Carnival - Audiobooks

This week's YA Indie Carnival is all about audiobooks. Audiobooks are professionally narrated and produced recordings of today's most popular traditionally published books. Of course, any book can be made into an audiobook, but the costs associated with creating the recordings were historically prohibitive for most indie authors. At least, that was the case until Amazon began promoting acx Audiobook Creation Exchange.
acx Audiobook Creation Exchange pairs producers, narrators, and authors together in order to work toward a common goal, the creation of an amazing audiobook. Making this avenue enticing is the fact that authors have the option of splitting their royalties or paying the narrator and producer's negotiated fees, ones determined by the hours spent creating the audiobook. I haven't yet approached the creation of an audiobook, but I have every intention of doing just that before the end of the year. I do know one indie author, Laura A. H. Elliott, who has taken time make an audiobook for 13 on Halloween (The Shadow Series #1), and she recommends the process highly.

There are lots of reasons I'd like to have my books made audible. First, many people are visually impaired and need the audiobook in order to continue enjoying a pastime that gives them the chance to slip into amazing worlds of fiction.  Second, there are people who listen to audiobooks as a matter of convenience. I'm one of those people.  For me, they are the only way a daily two to three hour commute in Houston traffic can even remotely be bearable. I'm usually so lost in the story that I'm irritated when I get to work or home because I have to stop the story playing out in my head. As an added bonus, audiobooks give me the opportunity to 'read' books I would never have had time to read with my already grueling 100-115 hour work/commute weeks.

Join the rest of the YA Indie Carnival sponsors and find out their opinion of audiobooks and acx Audiobook Creation Exchange.

1.Laura A. H. Elliott 2.Bryna Butler, author Midnight Guardian series
3.Heather Self4.T. R. Graves, Author of The Warrior Series
5.Suzy Turner, author of The Raven Saga6.Rachel Coles, author of Into The Ruins, geek mom blog
7.K. C. Blake, author of Vampires Rule and Crushed8.Gwenn Wright, author of Filter
9.Heather M. White, author of The Destiny Saga10.Liz Long | Just another writer on the loose.
11.Ella James12.Maureen Murrish
13.Valerie Sloan14.YA Sci Fi Author's Ramblings
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