Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Down to You by M. Leighton


Let me start this review by disclaiming that I consider to be an author friend of mine. I know from personal experience that she's an amazing mentor because she was one of the very first authors to reach out to me when I began this indie author journey. The fact that she does not embrace the 'eat your young mentality' instantly turned me into a life-long fan of hers. Despite her New York Times Bestselling Author status, she's not forgotten the people who helped her to achieve her goals. She works tirelessly (morning, noon, and night) promoting her fellow authors and bloggers while writing book after book. Everything she does is impressive and further proves she's the real deal.
Now, on to the review of Down to You (The Bad Boys Series #1). This is a quick, fun read that will not leave you disappointed. It will, however, leave you craving Up to Me (The Bad Boys Series #2), which is due to be release January 6, 2013. After reading Down to You (The Bad Boys Series #1), I'm confident in saying Olivia, Cash, and Nash will forever be engrained into reader's minds, and they will long be equated with the hot and sexy couples that readers never seem to get enough of. As important and exciting as the chemistry between Olivia, Cash, and Nash are the book's twists and turns and Down to You (The Bad Boys Series #1)'s unexpected ending... which of course I wouldn't think of spoiling in this review.

If you haven't already, make this one of your next reads... especially if you like to get into and out of a good book quickly. I read this in a matter of a few hours (after a tree fell on the powerlines by my house on Christmas, and my entire household was forced to slow down play board games and read). The only caution I'm going to give is related to the genre. It is an adult contemporary romance, and by NOT appropriate for younger readers.