Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Grave Bound: Levi Ian Bryson's Quiet Musings #1

With the excerpts shared, I thought I might take a few days to introduce you to the musing of Levi Ian Bryson. Not only is he SUPER HOT and in love with Emily Ador Riddle, but he's gifted when it comes to putting words to paper and explaining the infatuation he has with Emily. I know these are not 'proper' poems, but the words express Levi's feelings in ways that long-winded scenes couldn't.
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*For +17 only - Profanity/Sexual Situations

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Levi Ian Bryson's quiet musings about Emily Ador Riddle:

Underneath Levi's backpack I see the composition book he was holding earlier. I want to pick it up, open it, and see if he's written anything about me, but with a sigh, I decide that would be an invasion of his privacy. Instead, I tuck and roll his sleeping bag until it's so tight it might as well be a rock.
Unable to control myself one more second, I pick the book up again and stare at the words elegantly scrolled across the front, My Quiet Musings—Levi Ian Bryson. I tenderly stroke my fingers across the words as if they were Levi himself.
"I don't care if you read it."
I almost jumped out of my skin when I hear Levi's words coming from the door to the tent. My heart races as I quickly lift the sleeping bag's tie and tuck the book under it.
"No. It's private. I wasn't gonna read it. I was just admirin' how beautiful your writin' is. Mine’s barely decipherable, so I always appreciate it when people have the patience to turn their writing into an art form," I say, embarrassed I'd been caught touching Levi's personal journal.
Levi ducks into the tent. Since it's only big enough for two people to sleep in, he has to scoot over to me.
"I'm not kidding. I don't care if you read it. I'd never let anyone else. The things I write are too personal. And… as you'll see… there's nothing perfect about them. Still, I want to share them with you."
He opens the journal to the last page, and with a shyness that I suspect is foreign for him, he hands the composition journal to me. I stare down at it, trying to decide what to do with this very intimate offer.
"These pages are about you. Read them if you want. It's all just a bunch of nonsensical ramblings, but it'll show you how I feel about you already," he says softly, nodding toward two entire pages of calligraphy style writing.
*    *    *
The day I met you is the day by which all others will be measured.
—Levi Ian Bryson
*    *    *
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  1. I haven't read the book unfortunately, but I really really want to! Judging by the synopsis, it sounds really good =)