Thursday, March 14, 2013

Grave Bound: Levi Ian Bryson's Quiet Musings #2

Welcome to day 2 of Levi Ian Bryson's Quiet Musings. Before anyone decides to send me messages letting me know Levi is not writing perfect poem, etc., I thought I would let you know that these are doodles he's jotting down before he goes to sleep in order to keep the memory of Emily... their first day... her beauty alive in his heart. Nothing more. Nothing less. The tenderness embedded within them is endearing and sweet.
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Levi Ian Bryson's quiet musings about Emily Ador Riddle:

*    *    *

Her name is music to my ears.
Her smile stops my breath.
Her beauty invades my thoughts.
With our first meeting, Emily stole my heart.
     May it never know emptiness again.
     May it never be without the warmth she brings.
—Levi Ian Bryson

*    *    *

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