Saturday, March 16, 2013

Grave Bound: Levi Ian Bryson's Quiet Musings #3

Welcome to day 3 of Levi Ian Bryson's Quiet Musings. I hope you've enjoyed the pieces of Grave Bound I've shared so far. Today's musings is about... you guessed it... Emily. With it, you get one more glimpse into Levi's obsession with Emily, one that is red hot and consuming.  

Be Warned: We are nearing the end. Levi Ian Bryson's Quiet Musings #4 will be the last sliver of Grave Bound I will share. Purchase your e-book copy at Amazon or Barnes & Noble (LIMITED TIME ONLY $0.99) and leave a review letting me know your opinion. So far, the feedback has been phenomenal. The readers have been left reeling with the book's completely unexpected ending.
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*For +17 only - Profanity/Sexual Situations

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Levi Ian Bryson's quiet musings about Emily Ador Riddle:

*    *    *

To me, her beauty cannot be compared.
For me, there is no other.
With me, my soul's longing is sated.
Inside me, I am bewitched.
—Levi Ian Bryson
*    *    *

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