Saturday, March 16, 2013

Grave Bound: Levi Ian Bryson's Quiet Musings #4

Welcome to the forth and final day of Levi Ian Bryson's Quiet Musings. 

Interesting story about these musings. I was driving to work one day, and these thoughts starting pummeling me. It was one of those situation where I could not ignore them. I had to turn down the radio and recite these musings out loud over and over again. Perfecting them with each rendition. As soon as I got to work, I wrote them down. When I got home that night, I added them to Grave Bound. I've said before they are not perfect poems or any such thing. They are nothing more than a way for Levi to express the immediate attraction he as for Emily. I think they serve their purpose. 

So far, 'The day I met you is the day by which all others will be measured', has been the most popular. For me, Facets is one of my favorites because of this line: Her beauty… perfect as an emerald's cut, stunning as a ruby's color, and timeless as a diamond's clarity. All I could think about was the facets of a stone... the facets of our lives... the facets of our personalities... the facets of our relationships. Because of these thoughts, I named today's musing Facets. Enjoy the last snippet of Grave Bound. If you want to read more you will need to purchase the book ($0.99). 

Be Warned: Levi Ian Bryson's Quiet Musings #4 will be the last sliver of Grave Bound I will share. Purchase your e-book copy at Amazon or Barnes & Noble (LIMITED TIME ONLY $0.99) and leave a review letting me know your opinion. So far, the feedback has been phenomenal. The readers have been left reeling with the book's completely unexpected ending.
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*For +17 only - Profanity/Sexual Situations

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Levi Ian Bryson's quiet musings about Emily Ador Riddle:

*    *    *

     Her words… sweeter than any book written, poem recited, or song recorded.
     Her intentions… pure as the driven snow, a wholesome schoolgirl, and a naive child.
     Her beauty… perfect as an emerald's cut, stunning as a ruby's color, and timeless as a          diamond's clarity.
     Her essence… struck me with the force of a bolt of lightning, the power of a sledgehammer, and the command of the chosen one.
     Her love… engulfed my life the way the dawn's rays swallow the darkness, the tsunami's waves ravage the coast, and the tornado's funnel plows its way through a forest.
            —Levi Ian Bryson
*    *    *

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