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Cover Reveal: Left (Still Standing #1) by T.R. Graves - Cover Reveal 8/15/13

Left (Still Standing #1) by T.R. Graves to be released 9/1/13.

Book cover Team: 

Book cover Designer: Claudia McKinney of Phatpuppy Art
Photography: Teresa Yeh of Teresa Yeh Photography
Female Hand model: Shana Leah O'Rourke
Male Hand Model: Calen Burr

Genre: New Adult Romance - 18+ and older due to language, sexual situations, and violence

Length: 315 pages

Special Edition Price: $3.99 - Includes bonus material, Grave Bound (Secrets #1) in its entirety, AND $0.50 from every regular priced special edition book will be donated to a local (Houston area) women's center that is committed to ending domestic and sexual violence.

Summary: Your own two feet are all you have when you've been left.

A naive Baylee loves Colt, her boyfriend of four years, more than she ever thought possible. After a little snooping, she's convinced she's well on her way toward hearing an once-in-a-lifetime proposal and starring in the wedding-of-the-year event. Instead, she's blind-sighted by a very public break-up and the crushing news that Colt is marrying someone else... someone more befitting him and the role his father expects him to take in his law firm.

Baylee may have spent years resenting Ariana, her mother, and her suicide, an intolerable show of weakness in Baylee's opinion, but after Colt leaves her just short of the altar, Baylee sees the world through her mother's eyes. She sympathizes with Ariana's actions and realizes that some things—soul deep aches—can irreparably damage you and make moving on nearly impossible.

At least, that's how she feels until she meets Ryker. With his help, Baylee discovers there is life after Colt, and she prepares to move on by pulling herself up by the bootstraps, holding her head high, and standing on her own two feet. Unfortunately, a new jealous and hateful Colt has his own plans for her, and they are plans no one—especially not Baylee—ever saw coming.

Author's Review: Like every book I've ever written, there are amazing characters. There are also exciting twists and turns that keep you on the edge of your seat. Since no story is complete without them, there are tragedies and injustices that will break your heart and make you want to kill characters off yourself. Left is a complicated book that can't be described with just one word. There are times when the characters are warm and emotional right before they become hot and passionate. The story itself vacillates between heart racing and deeply disturbing.

Excerpt #1: 
I jog upstairs, stripping off my sweaty clothes as I go, and head toward the bathroom. The giant quartz shower is the master bath's most positive attribute. Right now, I want to turn the water on until it's scalding and stand under it until I'm clean all the way down to my marrow and the iciness of the day is washed down the drain.
After I wash my hair, scrub my body, and shave my legs, I hear a bump. I poke my head around the doorless shower and see Colt.
He's so tired that he has dark circles underneath his eyes. As soon as he sees me, he brightens up and asks, "Can I join you?"
My heart squeezes. I need him, and I want him to know my love is unconditional. I nod.
He flashes me a crooked grin and strips. I can't help but enjoy the show. After he loosens his tie, I step out of the shower—soaking wet—and begin unbuttoning his shirt. I slide it off his shoulders, leaning over and kissing his chest. 

Characters (as I envision them): 

Baylee Messenger is woman who loves as deeply as she hurts and who is as loyal as she is naive.

Colt Henderson is the man Baylee has given the last four years of her life to only to find that he's not nearly the man she's made him out to be in her heart.

Ryker Russell is enough of a knight in shining armour to step in when he sees a woman in need and stay with her until she finds her way back from despair.

Special Message: $0.50 from every regular priced ($3.99) special edition book will be donated to a local (Houston Area) women's center that is committed to ending domestic and sexual violence. These organizations and their contribution to our communities have become near and dear to my heart after the last two books I've written (the research associated with the crimes committed against women was too painful and beyond disturbing).

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