Sunday, March 3, 2013

Grave Bound (Secrets, #1) Soundtrack

Anyone who knows me understands how much I love to read. In fact, I have many fans/friends/followers who await my reviews so they will know which book will be next on their list to read. These same people have noticed that I've not done many book reviews lately. Today, I'm going to explain why I've not been able to read/review books for the last few months.

Everything about Grave Bound has been different for me. It has taken every bit of my attention to write this book as quickly as it was written. Because of that, I've just not had the time to devote to the reading of another book. Yes, I know about audiobooks. Yes, I could probably have listened to a few, but something deep inside of me told me to avoid any and all books. After thinking about it, I realized there were numerous reasons behind this unconscious decision.

1) Since I wanted Grave Bound to be different from anything else available, I avoided - almost all - books while I invented the story and created its characters.  
2) Given Grave Bound's delicate subject matter, I was just too emotionally drained with the writing of that book and the telling of Emily's story to devote any time or energy to another book.
3) Finally, I was testing myself to see if I could write the entire novel and have it edited, formatted, and published within four months... leaving me little time for anything else.

The good news is that I was able to write Grave Bound and release it on time. The bad news is that I found myself craving the artistic creativity of others. In order to satisfy my need without turning toward other authors, I began listening to music non-stop. Because music was such an inspiration for this book, I decided to give everyone an idea of the singers who moved me while I wrote Grave Bound. For all of you, I've created a soundtrack that includes samples of the music.


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