Monday, March 11, 2013

Grave Bound by T. R. Graves Excerpt #2 - First Kisses

Over the next few days, I plan to release four (4) excerpts from Grave Bound (Secrets , #1). Today is the day for #2. It will give everyone an up close and personal view of Emily's and Levi's first kiss. For me, the excitement of new love is hard to beat. Let me know what your thoughts. Enjoy!

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Excerpt #2 (Levi Ian Bryson & Emily Ador Riddle):

Licking the corner of his mouth and driving me insane, Levi is a little breathless when he asks, "Emily, would you mind terribly if I kiss you?" His words are low and seductive, but I hear them perfectly.
He and his beauty hypnotize me, and I feel myself nod. I want him to do just that so bad that I almost lean over and kiss him myself without asking for permission.
Levi does not move. His voice is husky when he says, "I don't want you to kiss me because I'm a man, and you've been conditioned your whole life to do whatever men tell you to do. I want you to kiss me because it's what you want. Do you want to kiss me, Emily?"
He reaches up and runs his thumb across my lower lip. My breath hitches with his touch. The way he asks me if I want to kiss him and the touch that promises there can be more—so much more—is sexy enough to wake my senses and send hormones crashing through every cell in my body. I nod again. This time with more enthusiasm.
Levi's lip quirks up, and he leans over, very gently touching his lips to mine. Seconds ago, I'd have thought the touch of his finger to my lips to be the most amazing feeling in the world. With his lips on mine and his heat pulsing through me, I know there's no comparison. I'm having emotions I never knew existed. I'd read about these passions my entire life, but I'd never once suspected a kiss could be so warm… so moist… so exciting. But, that's exactly what it is with Levi. Everything with him is exhilarating and new.

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