Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Grave Bound by T. R. Graves Excerpt #3 - Infatuation

Over the next few days, I plan to release four (4) excerpts from Grave Bound (Secrets , #1). Today is the day for #3. With it, there is no denying Emily's infatuation with Levi, and his for her. I'm still looking for feedback. Don't be afraid to share your thoughts. Enjoy!

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Excerpt #3 (Levi Ian Bryson & Emily Ador Riddle):

With a mischievous grin, Levi twists until I'm the one lying back against the log. The way he studies my every feature… like he has to have me… makes my heart skip.
Almost but not quite touching, his lips hover right above mine. "I thought he'd never leave. Would you mind terribly if I kiss you again? I've been waiting patiently long enough," he says softly.
The heat coursing through me has grown scalding, a feat I wouldn’t have thought to be possible until now. I nod eagerly and meet his lips on their way down to mine. Levi kisses me long and hard, and it still isn’t enough for the two of us.
He props himself up on an elbow and uses his other hand to trace my neck, shoulder, and arm before sneaking his hand beneath my shirt's hem and sliding it toward my belly button. He runs his hands over my stomach, my side, and back. There is a fire blazing along his path, and every part of me that hasn’t been caressed by him begs to be. Everything about this kiss makes our afternoon kiss and its excitement pale in comparison.
"Your skin in so soft. I'd give anything to see you in your bikini again," he mumbles around our kiss.
"Maybe one day you will," I murmur, knowing full well I would strip down to my swimsuit right now for him if Tope weren't around.
Levi kisses me again, and this time it's with an intensity that feels like he can't get enough of me. He doesn't pull back even the tiniest bit until Tope returns and loudly clears his throat.

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