Friday, July 12, 2013

Indie Author Series: Social Media (What Works)

The YA Author Club is talking all about Social Media this week. The sponsors will be sharing their stories and explaining what they love about each type and/or why their preferred  network of choice is just that.

I could go on for days about this topic. Instead and because I have a book just itching to be finished tonight, I'm going to stick to some very, very basic information that has taken me awhile to learn. 

Facebook: It's worth every minute you put into it.  If you haven't, you must create a Fan Page and put updates about your book, your signings, and your future projects. 

I think it's important to be generous with your space and share releases and billings with others. It makes your page more interesting and proves you are selfless when it comes to helping others. 

The most important feature of the Facebook Fan Page is the promotion option. I promise that you will get LIKES if you do a promotion. Within a few weeks, my LIKES went from a few hundred to well over a thousand. 

Goodreads: Don't neglect this site if you are an author. It is the first place I go check for an author or their book, and I'm always disappointed when an author has not taken the time to add themselves and their books here. 

There are so many good things about this site for an author, but hands down the biggest boost to my books come with giveaways. It's important to mention that their official giveaways are mean for paperback books only. 

Pinterest: Oh... how I love Pinterest! It inspires me and sucks me in so quickly and so easily that I can be on there for hours before I realize it. I love to go to my boards and look at the pictures, people, clothes, places, etc. when I'm writing. It saves me all kinds of time because I have my characters outfits (houses, hometowns, cars, ....) all picked out from shoes to jackets.

Twitter: Trust me. I know I should be using this site more than I do. I have author friends who swear by it. They tweet any and every thing, and they have lots of followers. I'm just not good at keeping up with the tweets. When exciting things happen to me (which is a rare situation), it takes a few days for me to even think about posting or tweeting or blogging about them. When I finally do, I decide people will think it's weird for me to mention something that happened days ago. Before I know it, I've totally forgotten all about it.

In some ways, I'm too intimidated by it and feel like it may be a little too high maintenance for me. I want to write nonstop... not tweet nonstop! 

Don't forget to check out the other author's sites.