Saturday, September 7, 2013

Release Announcement: Hidden Object - Enemies

I'd like to take a few minutes to let everyone know that Phatpuppy (Claudia McKinney, my book cover designer) and DifferenceGames LLC have released a hidden object game based on Enemies of the Cross (Warrior, #3). I'll be the first to say there's a lot more that goes into the creation of these games than I ever realized (much like writing a book... says the indie author). With my new appreciation, I'm encouraging everyone to go out and buy one of these games (if you have a Kindle/Nook) and see for yourself.

For the creation of the game, I did the easy stuff: found pictures that helped Claudia tell the Enemies of the Cross story and wrote a synopsis of each picture so that the game player would enjoy the interactive version of the Enemies of the Cross book.

Allison Strawn (my daughter) pitched in and read the book's synopsis and narrated the story all the way through the game. *Of course, this makes the game even more special to me. 

Claudia did the heavy lifting by taking the images I provided and working her magic until they were intriguing and filled with hidden objects. It took weeks for her to get this game up and running. I truly hope that it sells well enough for her hard work to pay off. For that to happen, she needs as many people as possible to buy a game and then to leave a glowing review. Let's see if we can make that happen.

Amazon link: Hidden Object - Enemies
Barnes and Noble Link: Hidden Object - Enemies

My Review: You don't have to take my word for this. My nine-year old son (fresh off his X-box) grabbed the Kindle from me and played this game on a car ride, at a restaurant, and on the ride home. While he played, he was oblivious to the rest of the world. He was absolutely fixated on finding the objects (that Claudia masterfully hides - some quick and easy... others not so much). I've paid way more than $0.99 on games that have only barely entertained him before they were tossed into a game sleeve never to be pulled out again. What I'm saying here is for the price and quality, you can't go wrong.

On a final note: If you enter to win the Left (Still Standing, #1) Kindle Fire Giveaway, you will also get one of each of Claudia's book apps to go along with it. Don't forget to enter!

Product Features
·         Follow "Enemies" as narrated by the Author's daughter!
·         15 Beautiful scenes by Phatpuppy
·         3 Modes of Play
·         3 Ways to find items
·         50% off launch sale!

Indie Author Series: Twitter (Keep It Simple OR Get As Many Followers As You Can)

This week the YA (and more) Author Club are talking about Twitter and the obsession with getting more and more followers.

In today's fast-paced world word of mouth is Twitter. If you want your message out there, tweet it. If you want people talking about it, you hope others re-tweet it. If you want it to go viral, you pray the re-tweets are re-re-tweeted and the re-re-tweets are re-re-re-tweeted (you know where I'm going with this). In order for that to happen, you need as many followers as possible, right?

Honestly, I'm not going to try to tell anyone anything about Twitter. I'm an infrequent user... one who lets the majority of her tweets post themselves when I publish my blogs. The remaining tweets I send are prompts provided to me when I find a review on Goodreads I like or a new book on Amazon or B&N that I want to share. I'm absolutely not one of those people who tweets every move I make or every thought I have, and that's mostly because my writing time is limited. The more I Facebook, Tweet, and blog, the less time I have to write the crazy stories that manifest themselves within my mind. I suspect my minimal use of Twitter will continue until my I'm able to write 24/7 (which may never happen). 

As such, I'm letting you know now that my tweets will continue to be sporadic but heartfelt, AND I will continue to follow back anyone and everyone who follows me.

On a final note, I've had a great first week release for Left (Still Standing, #1). Thanks for everyone who loved the book, who contacted me and told me their stories, who offered sincere shout outs for others to read it, and for everyone who downloaded and read it. The support has been amazing! 

For those who haven't already, don't forget to enter the Left (Still Standing, #1) Kindle Fire Giveaway.