Thursday, September 19, 2013

Indie Author Series: Pinterest (Getting It To Work For You)

The YA (and more) Author Club sponsors are talking about Pinterest and all of the wonderfully inspirational things that can be found on the site.  I've been using Pinterest long enough to attract great followers, and I now publicly stalk hundreds of people who post beautiful pictures, amazing scenes, fashionable designs, unusual architecture, ingenious products, mouth-watering foods, stunning people, and even interesting new reads.  It's like surfing a great magazine that's been specifically created for you because you have the ability to pick and choose who you want to follow.  Once you find a few people who PIN things that INTEREST you, others with similar tastes will soon follow.  Before long, you're in love with everything pinned because you've created a world where only your style is represented.

I'll be honest and say one of my favorite Pinners is , author of Tiger's Curse (The Tiger Saga #1).  I love her books and always feel like I'm getting a sneak peak into the scenes, jewelry, people, and locations she is going to be introducing in Tiger's Destiny (The Tiger Saga, #4) and Tiger's Dream (The Tiger Saga, #5).

Below, I've provided samples of my boards.  You can get to them by clicking on the picture.  Feel free to follow.  Like

Products I Love is reserved for great new products or ones I believe will be good for my characters to use.


Favorite Places & Spaces showcases specific places where I'd love to go or build worlds around.

Architecture details great architectural features that I would love for my characters to see or to have in my home one day. 

Books Worth Reading contains books I've read and loved or planned to read because the authors are so wonderful.

Clothes I Like shines the spotlight on clothes and jewelry I love and/or would like to see my characters wear. 

Food and Drinks provides a great central location where I can go to find the recipes that look great, seem easy enough to make, and (hopefully) will taste as good as they look.

Health and Beauty gives me the perfect location to store pictures of beautiful and interesting people who would make great future characters.   

For the Home is filled with beautiful, quaint, shabby, and sophisticated rooms that I'd love to plot and plan around one day.  

T. R. Graves, Author has a place for each and every one of my books (all designed by the wonderful Phatpuppy Art).  

Amazing Pictures is just that.  These pictures make you stop and think how wonderful the world we live in can be.   

My Style is a place for me to go when I want to visualize ensembles for the people being detailed within my stories.

Now, take a few minute to find out my fellow bloggers' opinions of Pinterest.