Sunday, November 30, 2014

Stephen King's Advice Is Worth Taking

In the form of quick bullets, I've included the best advice on being a great writer that I've read in a long time as summarized by BUSINESS INSIDER:

22 Lessons From Stephen King On How To Be A Great Writer

1. Stop watching television. Instead, read as much as possible.
2. Prepare for more failure and criticism than you think you can deal with.
3. Don't waste time trying to please people.
4. Write primarily for yourself.
5. Tackle the things that are hardest to write.
6. When writing, disconnect from the rest of the world.
7. Don't be pretentious.
8. Avoid adverbs and long paragraphs.
9. Don't get overly caught up in grammar.
10. Master the art of description.
11. Don't give too much background information.
12. Tell stories about what people actually do.
13. Take risks; don't play it safe.
14. Realize that you don't need drugs to be a good writer.
15. Don't try to steal someone else's voice.
16. Understand that writing is a form of telepathy.
17. Take your writing seriously.
19. Finish your first draft in three months. 
20. When you're finished writing, take a long step back.
21. Have the guts to cut.
22. Stay married, be healthy, and live a good life.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Schedule of Release Activities (Pre-Order Links)

It's no secret that I'm releasing two books back to back. On December 1, 2014, Cheating Time (Longevity, #1) will be released. On December 9, 2014, Since Inception (Vanishing, #1) will be released. What most might not realize is the number of interviews, messages, and guest posts that go along with each release. Since I'm releasing two books at the same time, I'm answering lots of questions and analyzing my books, my characters, and myself in ways that aren't normal for me. Regardless, I'm including the schedule and links below for those interested.

For the bloggers/authors who are supporting these releases and for Shane Morgan of Itching for Books who coordinated the activities, I'm eternally grateful. 

Pre-Order Links for Cheating Time (Longevity, #1):
Barnes & Noble

Here is what Shane has lined up for Cheating Time (Longevity, #1) Release. Don't forget to support these wonderful bloggers, authors, and - of course - the Cheating Time (Longevity, #1) activities they've arranged.

Pre-Order Links for Since Inception (Vanishing, #1):
Barnes & Noble

Here is what Shane has lined up for Since Inception (Vanishing, #1). Release. Don't forget to support these wonderful bloggers, authors, and - of course - the Since Inception (Vanishing, #1) activities they've arranged.

To my fans/friends/family, 
Enjoy the newest books in my collections and have a wonderful and joyous holiday season!


Friday, November 7, 2014

FREE - Grave Bound (Secrets, #1) & Left (Still Standing, #1)

For a limited time only, I'm listing two of my books for FREE. Click on the Amazon/B&N link of your choice and download one or both of the books. Consider it a no strings attached gift from me to you and enjoy! 

Grave Bound (Secrets, #1) 


Book cover Designer: Claudia McKinney of Phatpuppy Art

Genre: New Adult Romance - 18+ and older due to language, sexual situations, and violence

Length: 293 pages

Summary: Emily Riddle has lived her entire nineteen years inside a patriarchal commune led by her father and her stepbrothers. There are more rules than she cares to admit, but the most important one, 'keep it in the commune', is the one most difficult for her to abide by... especially since the only people willing to champion her cause live on the outside.

When Emily learns her father and brothers have promised her to Lorenzo, a man she despises down to her core, she rebels. No matter the consequences, she refuses to marry someone who'd rather beat her than caress her.

A day of hooky that starts out as a tiny act of defiance - sneaking out of the commune for a swim - soon turns into the best day of her life. After spending time with Levi, a man camping near the lake, she finds out what true romance looks like and catches a glimpse into a future that's filled with love and admiration rather than hate and submission.

That tiny peek is enough to change the course of Emily's existence and makes it nearly impossible for her to go back to the commune and pretend she will ever be able to tolerate a life chosen for her rather than the life she longs for. One that includes Levi.

Fighting to escape the commune, its leaders, and her fiancé proves to be more dangerous than Emily ever expected. The secrets she knows, as the commune leader's daughter, will either follow her to the grave or send her - and Levi - there.

Book cover Designer: Claudia McKinney of Phatpuppy Art
Photography: Teresa Yeh of Teresa Yeh Photography
Female Hand model: Shana Leah O'Rourke
Male Hand Model: Calen Burr

Genre: New Adult Romance - 18+ and older due to language, sexual situations, and violence

Length: 315 pages

Summary: Your own two feet are all you have when you've been left.

A naive Baylee loves Colt, her boyfriend of four years, more than she ever thought possible. After a little snooping, she's convinced she's well on her way toward hearing an once-in-a-lifetime proposal and starring in the wedding-of-the-year event. Instead, she's blind-sighted by a very public break-up and the crushing news that Colt is marrying someone else... someone more befitting him and the role his father expects him to take in his law firm.

Baylee may have spent years resenting Ariana, her mother, and her suicide, an intolerable show of weakness in Baylee's opinion, but after Colt leaves her just short of the altar, Baylee sees the world through her mother's eyes. She sympathizes with Ariana's actions and realizes that some things—soul deep aches—can irreparably damage you and make moving on nearly impossible.

At least, that's how she feels until she meets Ryker. With his help, Baylee discovers there is life after Colt, and she prepares to move on by pulling herself up by the bootstraps, holding her head high, and standing on her own two feet. Unfortunately, a new jealous and hateful Colt has his own plans for her, and they are plans no one—especially not Baylee—ever saw coming.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Chasing the Dragon - 2014 NaNoWriMo Project

Chasing the Dragon (Lost Innocence, #1)
Expected Release Date: 3/1/15
Cover: Catriona Crehan
Expected Number of Pages: 300

Summary (draft):

Coming of Age, Holden Caulfield - that is her real name thanks to her drug addict mother - is as confused, lost, and cynical as her namesake, and the events of her life are just as heartbreaking and heart wrenching. Enduring a life overrun with teenage angst, social alienation, and familial controversy, Holden recounts the days leading up to the one that changed her forever.

After the whole school learns her most private secret - courtesy of Robby, her older brother - Holden's life spirals out of control, and she ends up suspended. Unable to take one more minute of hatefulness from Robby or neglect from her parents (two people who are drug dealers and abusers... who are determined to use and abuse their eight children with the same reckless abandon they do their drugs and clients), Holden runs away.

Homeless, she crosses the path of teachers who've failed her, a priest who doesn't believe her, a boyfriend's brother who can't forgive her, a pimp who wants to employ her, and a sister who can't speak to her. With each interaction, her exploration of life vs. death, growing up vs. growing old, and honesty vs. deceit becomes more and more consuming. 

Mentally scarred beyond repair, Holden begins to feel as if her questions have to be addressed. Sooner rather than later.