Sunday, November 2, 2014

Chasing the Dragon - 2014 NaNoWriMo Project

Chasing the Dragon (Lost Innocence, #1)
Expected Release Date: 3/1/15
Cover: Catriona Crehan
Expected Number of Pages: 300

Summary (draft):

Coming of Age, Holden Caulfield - that is her real name thanks to her drug addict mother - is as confused, lost, and cynical as her namesake, and the events of her life are just as heartbreaking and heart wrenching. Enduring a life overrun with teenage angst, social alienation, and familial controversy, Holden recounts the days leading up to the one that changed her forever.

After the whole school learns her most private secret - courtesy of Robby, her older brother - Holden's life spirals out of control, and she ends up suspended. Unable to take one more minute of hatefulness from Robby or neglect from her parents (two people who are drug dealers and abusers... who are determined to use and abuse their eight children with the same reckless abandon they do their drugs and clients), Holden runs away.

Homeless, she crosses the path of teachers who've failed her, a priest who doesn't believe her, a boyfriend's brother who can't forgive her, a pimp who wants to employ her, and a sister who can't speak to her. With each interaction, her exploration of life vs. death, growing up vs. growing old, and honesty vs. deceit becomes more and more consuming. 

Mentally scarred beyond repair, Holden begins to feel as if her questions have to be addressed. Sooner rather than later.