Sunday, July 5, 2015

Grey (Fifty Shades #4) by E.L. James

Grey (Fifty Shades #4) by E.L. James

I have to say I couldn't be more disappointed in the people - some who claim to be Christians - who believe it is their God given right to demean, belittle, and demoralize others (by that, I mean E.L. James)... to post not just bad reviews but reviews evoking images of blood lust and evisceration.

In my humble opinion, I believe there are teachers, movie executives, publishers, merchants and - yes - even other authors who should be worshipping at the feet of this woman. I'm sure I'll get mean-spirited comments for exercising my right of speech and daring to dispute any one of the many people who PASSIONATELY hate the Fifty Shades of Grey Series and all it represents. Just bear with me.

Teachers - I'm confident there are millions of ex-students who refused to read a single book until this one came along. They accepted failing grades so they'd not have to embark upon the dreaded task of actually reading a book. A portion of those same people are now avidly devouring as many books as they can read. Who cares the subject. Reading is reading. It's proof positive that you can get anyone to do anything if the motives are right. All of that reading has to translate out into a world whereby people are better off. I understand the rub for most of these people is not the fact people are reading... it's what they are reading. In this situation, it would be best to look at the bright side and thank E.L. James for all she's done when it comes to the world's literacy/illiteracy rates.

Movie executives - If you think there are a lot of Spider Man movies... holy heck! You ain't seen nothing yet.  They could keep making/re-making versions of this movie until people stop going to see them. Of course, that will occur when people stop buying the books, which hasn't happened yet. ;)

Publishers - There are so many books sold who have become famous simply because readers detoxing from the Fifty Shades of Grey Series needed their next fix. Say what you will, E.L. James pulls her fans in and gives them what they want. These publishers are taking full advantage of the series' popularity. Some people - ones who don't have billion dollar empires built on the marketing and selling of their books - claim this is a way to milk money from fans. I say its a way (the only way fans will accept) for E.L. James to put her readers' wants and needs ahead of her own.

Merchants - Anything with the word grey in it is snapped up and purchased by fans of this series faster than the merchant can say 'Christian'. There really is no losing side here.

Authors - There are authors who never would have made it out of the Indie category if not for E.L. James. There are plenty of them that should give her a standing ovation. They've found their fans, and everyone is happy. Win-Win.

Readers (I became one after reading the first phase of negative reviews and decided to read the series and form my own opinion.) - Let's face it and unless you are completely oblivious to the world around you, everyone knows this book is Christian's version of the very same story. Anyone buying the book, rating, and claiming they had no idea they were buying a retelling of the same story is asking for me to roll my eyes and ignore their rating all together. Yes. It is the same story told with a little different twist. Just as it is marketed.

The point I'm trying to make is... if you hated the first book, don't buy this one (or rate it) and claim you are surprised by its contents. The author hasn't changed. The story is the same. The character's actions/reactions predictable (if you've read the first book). For me, I'll rate it the same as the others. 5 Stars